David Attenborough's Hold the World

5-star rating
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Education, Museums, Natural History
Comfortable, Stationary

Sit with Sir David Attenborough in the backrooms of the London Natural History Museum, where he invites you to pick up and inspect a number of specimens before revealing them to you with engaging narration and absorbing animation.

The graphics provide a strong sense of realism with the use of high resolution imaging wrapped around detailed and intricate three dimensional models. The models can be held in the hand, rotated in any direction and enlarged for close inspection. The narrative points out specific areas of each model as it explains the specimen to its audience. After a closer look, the software takes the model off your hands and brings it to life with lifelike animation.

The detailed photogrammetry modelling and imaging is as good as things can reasonably get with today's computing power. Similar 3D modelling is applied to the presence of Sir David to give a fair sense that he's actually sitting in front of you.

Three separate rooms hold three specimens each, and an investigation of the full content will likely take around an hour. Replayability is low unless you're happy to experience a duplicate run-through of the narration and animation, and there are no other elements to the program. We highly recommend for all ages and all levels of curiosity.

Sir David sits before you in an impressive demonstration of 2018 3D photogrammetry.

✅ Highly detailed models, images and animation.
✅ Engaging and insightful narration.
❌ On the short side. Would benefit from more content.

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