Fantasynth Art & Music Visualizer

4-star rating
PCVR, Quest, Link
Free, Music, Uncommon
Comfortable, Roomscale, Stationary

Fantasynth is a fun but brief experience, combining unique dynamic visuals and lighting effects with an electronic soundtrack. The original Fantasynth experience from 2017 is subtitled differently on Steam and Oculus platforms yet it content remains the same. Initially monochrome lights flicker and pulse to the rhythm of the music. It's evident that these lights aren't just abstract shapes floating in space, but instead are eminating from fixed objects that emit a very real and tangible physicality. Soon your point of view starts moving through these objects and the lights and colors intensify with gimmering reflective surfaces, smoke and fire effects. This is only seven minutes in length, but you'll probably want a do it all over again. A seated experience that's best viewed looking mostly forward.

Fantasynth 2 was published in 2022 and is only available on the Meta Quest platform. This five minute lightshow with a similar electronic music backing is both at once similar and different from its predecessor. Mixing natural and industrial elements including palm trees and robot arms, Fantasynth 2 punctuates the beats and folows the crecendos with lasers and ribbons of falling light. The less powerful Quest processors mean this version is a little less detailed and flashy than the PCVR software. A roomscale space is required for the experience, though we'd have been just as happy if it had been a stationary affair.

Although a lot of fun, these Fantasynth experiences are remarkably short. We wish there was a longer soundtrack, even if the same visuals visuals had to be repeated. Still, we're grateful to HelloEnjoy for making these products free for all to download.

Visuals from the Steam and Oculus Rift store version

The Quest version has striking visuals despite its limitations.

✅ Great dynamic visual effects, particularly PC versions
✅ Good upbeat electronic soundtracks
✅ Free
❌ Painfully short experiences

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