Rone: Short Film & VR Art Gallery

4-star rating
Art, Museum, Short Films
Comfortable, Roomscale, Stationary

Rone is a pseudonym of Tyrone Wright, an Australian street artist known particularly for creating immersive art installations in spaces such as abandoned houses and dilapidated movie theaters. Using portraits of young women as his subjects, he contrasts these feminine features against the decay and dereliction of his canvases. Painting on surfaces of soon-to-be-demolished buildings, it's apt for his for work among rubble and rebar to be captured digitally in three dimensions and presented in virtual reality for posterity.

This experience is set in an artfully designed virtual gallery, it's dark walls adorned with images of previous works, all of which are portraits of women. Beckoning you in the direction of the center of the gallery where you'll find the eight minute long 360° film is an animated path on the floor, though you're free to deviate from the path to admire the paintings on its route. Set in both the artist's studio and on location with some of his installations, the film does an great job of introducing Rone and showcasing his work.

Viewing the film unlocks several gallery annexes that lead to spaces covered by the film, including spaces and structures that would be impossible to fit into a traditional art museum. Investigate 360° photographs of Melbourne street art, visit his studio where another film plays, or enter the Omega House - where photogrammetry captures a version of a multi-roomed abandoned dwelling, resplendent with his painted portraits decorating the walls.

Exhibition hall for Rone's art and short film.

Dilapidated house as a canvas, captured digitally for posterity.

Fitting impossible spaces in a virtual museum.

✅ Well designed VR gallery featuring some great art.
✅ Great short film.
❌ No snap turning in the 360° film.

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