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Title: Nefertari: Journey to Eternity VR Experience

Favorite wife of Pharaoh Ramesses II (1303-1213 BCE), Nefertari's life was celebrated with a spectacularly decorated and appointed burial chamber in Egypt's Valley of the Queens. When rediscovered in 1904 it was found to have been looted in ancient times, though the tomb itself and its splendid wall paintings remain.

Modern visitors to Nefertari's tomb are restricted to avoid damage, but thankfully with this virtual reality experience you can visit it as many times as you like.

Nefertari: Journey to Eternity offers exploration of this multi-level tomb, complete with detailed photographic representations of every intricately decorated wall, column and ceiling. Some rooms are lit by virtual oil-lamps which also provide an reverent ambience, but you can cast further light over the artistry with flashlights that can be activated on your controllers.

Steps down into the lower section of the tomb. Egyptian paintings on the walls.

The program will highlight several of the more notable paintings and provide an audio narration upon request, describing and interpreting the reasoning for their inclusion within the tomb decorations. Don't forget to take a glimpse upward also, to appreciate the ceiling of the tomb which is adorned with hundreds of sparkling stars.

So far as we can determine, this experience is a faithful reproduction of this Egyptian Queen's final resting place. It features high resolution imagery and offers an uninterrupted opportunity to enjoy this ancient marvel at your own pace

If we were to suggest areas where the experience could have been improved, we would have added an introduction and extended the tour to include the entrance stairs and an external view of the Valley of the Queens where this tomb is situated. This would provide location context and a sense of discovery upon entry. As it is, we recommend an introduction to this topic through Wikipedia articles before embarking on the VR tour.

Large room with columns and a rough stone floor. Vivid paintings on the columns.

The tour can be experienced either as a seated or roomscale experience. Teleportation is the main way to navigate the chambers, but walking up and inspecting the walls does add to a sense of presence. Entering the two low-ceilinged annex rooms at either side of the main treasure room reveal a bug in the program, as if you're standing when you teleport into them you'll lose all vision since your head will be above the room's ceiling. This initially confused us until we bent down. Also there is no controller-based turning option, so if you're seated it's advisable to do so in a swivel chair.

Note that the Viveport version of Nefertari: Journey to Eternity should be avoided as it is an older iteration that contains several bugs and graphical problems.

✅ Well-modeled spaces with lots of graphical detail.
✅ Good (but limited) audio narration.
❌ Lacking an introduction and location context.
❌ Viveport version is to be avoided.

• Wikipedia: Tomb of Nefertari
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