Cosmic Flow: A Relaxing VR Experience

4-star rating
PCVR, Quest
Free, Meditation, Uncommon
Comfortable, Stationary

Cosmic Flow is a skillfully crafted meditation app that only does one thing but does it very well, placing you inside a 360 degree visual abstraction that gently explodes and drifts around you.

A kaleidoscope of ethereal strands and small particles radiate out of a distant point, gradually cycling through multicolored permutations accompanied by a relaxing ambient soundtrack. Settings allow you to adjust the speed of the experience, your distance from the point of radiance and the intensity of the particles that surround you. It's also easy to reset your view in the headset, including any reclining angle and lying flat.

This is one of our favorite virtual reality meditation experiences. Possibly it could have benefited from a more diverse cycle of shapes and colors to increase the visual stimuli, though it's also possible that that could distract the viewer from this captivating experience.

The soundtrack is very pleasant, and of course you can also mute this in your device and use headphones to provide your own alternative soundscape.

We found three versions of Cosmic Flow offering slightly differing experiences. The Quest app and Viveport PCVR version have similar visuals, though the Quest version also includes an alternative soundtrack and the ability to draw some particles (called "tiny galaxies") around you. For the life of us we couldn't find a way to open up the settings in the Steam PCVR version so assume that's not available, also that PCVR version has a noticeably different visual pattern to the experience.

✅ Simple but captivating meditative experience.
❌ May have benefited from a more diverse range of visuals.

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