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Open Brush is a continuation and improvement upon Google's abandoned Tilt Brush VR 3D painting application that is free for all and easy to get started. Tilt Brush is still available to purchase but we suggest you save your money and use this free and updated version instead. For example here's a list of features added to Open Brush that are not present in the older Tilt Brush program.

An introductory experience to Open Brush is a remarkably straightforward affair. After a splash screen you're placed on a dark landscape, and when you look down at your hands you'll find an invitation to "hold trigger to paint". Painting is intuitive, as is selecting new brushes and colors with your off-hand menu. If you don't like the dark landscape that surrounds you, select another with the 'environments' menu option, or if you're using Quest you can choose pass-thru mode and paint while seeing your actual room around you.

Hand-drawn impression of Hubble telescope's Pillars of Creation.

In virtual reality you're not limited to two dimensional paintings either. Realize three dimensional creations or even entire environments by moving around in your room and around your creations as you craft them. Hold the side buttons on both controllers and you can resize your work, or rotate it around you. Paint with brushes of any thickness you choose and select from a variety of brush types including unorthodox choices such as sparkly lines, fire effects and bubbles. Even brush types that fluctuate with iridescence to music. An advanced mode also offers shape guides, layers and other useful tools to make more complex creations.

Open Brush is a lot of fun for all, whether you're just dipping your toes into virtual reality or looking to build grand designs. The intuitive menu is easy to work with, but by moving into advanced mode also extends your options while remaining a breeze to create. Recommended for everyone.

5 minutes in: A 13 year old's first Open Brush creation.

✅ Easy to get started
✅ Great depth of tools and functions
✅ Community-driven improvements

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