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Pollinator Park is an eco-habitat from the year 2050. An imagined place created to illustrate a cautionary message that addresses human impact on our surroundings in a particular environment. Funded by the European Commission this experience's goal is to improve awareness of Earth's dwindling population of insect pollinators, why it's happening and what we can do about it.

Step inside this large architectural virtual creation which feels more like a museum than an agricultural nursery, and walk through a series of atria and rooms as the program reveals its narrative arc. Visitors are presented with a variety of exhibits from windowed and 360-degree surround videos to animated models that you can hold in your hand, and scenes that the program invites you to interact with.

Each scene focuses on a different aspect of the message and the viewer's attention is held by presenting them in many different ways. Diary pages of a naturalist narrator can be picked as a kind of mini-game as you progress through the journey, and is required in order to unlock the doors of the last scene, which rewards visitors with a spectacular interactive diorama.

The imagined Pollinator Park eco-habitat.

Pollinator Park is best explored either standing up or seated in a swivel chair. Teleportation style of locomotion is the only way to navigate the halls of this virtual museum and for some reason the designers chose not to include a button that would allow you to rotate your view in place. Engaging the teleport function is harder than it should be, but it doesn't take too much effort to work around this.

Pollinator Park is a pleasant experience with a natural ambiance and sends an important message. The entire experience lasts around 30 minutes, and we recommend it to inquisitive people of all ages.

Hands-on learning about different pollinators and plants.

✅ High quality museum-like tour.
✅ Provides a variety of different experiences.
✅ Gets its message across without being preachy.
❌ Clumsy teleportation movement.

• Official: Web based non-VR version.
• YouTube: Trailer
• Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Montenegrin, Spanish
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