T. rex: Skeleton Crew

3-star rating
Education, Museums, Natural History
Comfortable, Roomscale

Initially located at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, this natural history experience is now available in the comfort of your own home provided you have access to a virtual reality capable PC.

You begin inside a black-and-white sketched wireframe version of the museum with the objective of completing a puzzle - putting together a full Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton from a cart full of bones. For this you'll need a large room space as you grab a bone from the cart, then reach out to place it correctly on the dinosaur model. If you find yourself straining, there's a couple of buttons to adjust the platform upon which you stand.

Once you've completed three sections of puzzle, the game pulls together all the remaining pieces to reward you with a complete, snapping Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. You're further rewarded with a colorfully realized and animated expression of T. rex's world as the museum walls fall away around you.

Colorful animated diorama unveiled upon completing the bone game.

Beyond the game there's a guided tour, located back in the wireframe museum. Highlight one of several parts of the T. rex skeleton to learn more about it, or find other elements of the museum scenery that will lead you to more detail. Presentations are part video and part illustrated narrations.

The whole experience is a pleasant fifteen minute journey through a moderate amount of prehistoric detail. We did feel that the bone game was aimed at a younger audience, whereas the narrated tour sections often used language that would confuse the that same age group. There's still value in the bone game for all ages though, as it encourages the viewer to pick out more detail than they otherwise might have appreciated.

The toe bone's connected to the .. Tyrannosaurus Rex.

✅ Simple game is rewarding for younger types.
✅ Graphically well produced and revealed.
❌ Some clumsy interaction with the bone game.

• Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin
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