The Night Cafe: A VR Tribute to Van Gogh

3-star rating
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Art, Free
Comfortable, Roomscale

Reimagining Van Gogh's art style in virtual reality can't be an easy task to pull off successfully, but the colorful approach to The Night Cafe with its many references to the works of the Dutch master manages it spectacularly. The animated characters don't feel out of place, and if you catch Vincent heading over to look out the window follow him to get a view of a very starry sky.

This experience offers a short tour of several rooms based on the famous 1888 The Night Cafe painting of the interior of the Café de la Gare. Featuring plenty of detail and good 3D modeling, the cafe is a rich place to explore. Though short, the experience stays with you. Look out for a couple of small easter eggs hidden away also.

Standing is place is the best way to view this experience, as a seated position isn't accommodated for and doesn't offer the best viewing positions. The Night Cafe also suffers from poor navigation. Teleportation is the only way to move around the scenes, but it's implemented clumsily and it can even lead to wall clipping without trying to do so. Wall clipping means that you can move your head through what are meant to be solid walls and view scenes beyond it. Also there's no rotation method except for physically pivoting in your room space - another reason why a seated position isn't favorable.

Aside from the locomotion complaints listed above, this is a pleasant and whimsical journey into a VR artist's impression of Vincent Van Gogh through his paintings.

✅ Impressive art style.
✅ Good level of detail and some easter eggs.
❌ Short experience.
❌ Clumsy navigation detracts from enjoyment.

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