We Live Here 360° Short Film

3-star rating
Free, Short Films
Comfortable, Stationary

See the world through the stories of Rockey, a woman living in the United States who became trapped in homelessness. This fifteen minute experience takes place mostly in Rockey's home - a tent full of her belongings - and is told in her own voice as you're invited to peruse some of her personal possessions.

360 degree video is combined expertly with photography and interactive VR objects to lead the viewer through Rockey's recollections. A cutscene appears when we pick up her poetry book, and another when we take a look at a card by her bed.

Most of We Live Here can be viewed from a seated position, but it is necessary to reach beyond a chair to grab some objects needed for the story to continue. We had problems picking up one item that seemed to be located below floor level no matter how we tried to reset our position, almost to a program-breaking degree. This could have been avoided, and mobility challenged viewers could have been better accommodated, if all items could be grasped by gesture movements instead. Also, snap-turning is missing which make it difficult to view scenes behind us.

The story is told sympathetically in a matter-of-fact way without becoming over sentimental or political. Bookended by a dramatized event involving being moved on by police and sanitation workers, it's clear that this is staged and populated with actors, but Rockey is very genuine and her involvement holds the piece together. Includes brief scenes that make this suitable only for an adult audience.

Objects around Rockey's tent illustrate her story.

A colorful wedding cut-scene

Another of Rockey's memories.

✅ Strong story told in a matter-of-fact way
✅ Good blend of 360 degree video, images and VR animation
❌ Can be difficult to pick up objects
❌ No rotation control (snap-turning)

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• Languages: English
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