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GE Neuro 360° Short Film

2-star rating
Free, Short films
Comfortable, Stationary

GE Neuro title with brain synapses in the background.

GE Neuro is a hands-off five minute 360-degree tour that takes us on a journey inside the mind of a musician, into his imagination and then beyond towards individual synapses in his brain. Developed as a promotional video for General Electric and their MRI technology, we were surprised that the experience barely showcases what MRI machines are capable of. Instead, it presents generically styled fantastical imaginings with little to no substance.

Such spectacles may have impressed people in the nascent period of modern virtual reality, but unfortunately there's little to enjoy here. The graphics are moderately fine for a full 360 degree presentation, though flickering artifacts are particularly noticeable with head movements at times. The combination of short running time, disappointing visuals, zero interactivity and very unremarkable content make this one to miss unfortunately.

Human male in a stationary pose, surrounded by blue futuristic looking lights for some reason
He looks chill considering we're about to enter his brain

General Electric's impression of what your imagination looks like.

✅ Polished production qualities.
❌ Little compelling content.
❌ Moderate graphics with some glitches.
❌ Short experience.

• Languages: English
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