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ImmerGallery Image Viewer

4-star rating
Creativity, Travel, Utilities
Comfortable, Stationary

ImmerGallery logo with a mountain range in the background, and a woman wearing a Meta Quest 2 headset on the left.

ImmerGallery enables the viewing of 3D stereoscopic images and 360-degree photography in virtual reality to a high degree of fidelity. This includes images from a multitude of devices including 360° action cameras, drone photography, and dual front-facing lenses like the expensive Canon Dual Fisheye. Remarkably, the software can even process stereograms from the 19th century. ImmerGallery does not, however, support playback of any form of video.

The image viewer boasts the ability to automatically detect the format of any type of image file that you throw at it. Albums provide gallery thumbnails that are annotated to differentiate between 2D from 3D photographs, as well as square, 180-degree and 360-degree frames. We tried a number of different file formats on ImmerGallery including old digital cameras, recent drone shots and manually created side-by-side images and the software handled everything with ease.

Cropped view of a sample image, showing controller tips. Picture is of a horse at an Octoberfest event in Germany.
Cropped view of a sample image, showing controller tips.

Files can be transferred by USB cable link to the headset, using online storage solutions like Pastebin, or directly from your computer folders with a local network link. ImmerGallery also includes sample images, additional downloadable content and even paid downloadable travel guide galleries.

Beyond merely viewing just the images and complete albums, ImmerGallery offers additional functionality. This includes zoomable maps for geotagged photography, options to add voiceovers and other background audio, and superimposed graphical effects that include rain, snow, butterflies, and even hot air balloons. We found the rain and snow effects to be a nice novelty, though the simplistic cartoon graphics that the hot air balloon layer adds to drone videos were an unnecessary distraction to us.

Menu system showing section headings, camera roll and thumbnails of images.
Menu system. Thumbnails clearly identify image types.

The menu system is mostly clean and easy to understand, though some of the design and UI choices could be further refined to reduce clutter and improve navigation. We're also pleased that the developer shows continued enthusiasm towards improving the product further, while providing excellent product detail on their website and YouTube channel.

If you're interested in checking out ImmerGallery but are uncertain about the price, they offer a demonstration version that includes sample images and allows you to view up to ten of your own images. Also, if you want to learn more about stereo photography, the ImmerGallery has a large list of cameras on its website. However, many older cameras on that list provide poor quality images and modern cameras and lenses are rather pricey. Alternatively you can make your own side-by-side stereo images with a smartphone by taking two images a couple of inches apart. Here's one we made ourselves using the $3.99 iOS app Camera 3D Pro.

360 degree photo of Shiprock in New Mexico with a superimposed cartoon image of a hot air balloon
Great for 360° drone photography, but maybe without the hot air balloon graphics.

Side-by-side image of a jellybean dispenser. We're gonna need some more jellybeans very soon.
We made our own jellybean 3D image using just an iPhone and an app.

✅ High fidelity viewer that handles every format we could find.
✅ Lots of sample images and a demo version available.
✅ Strong developer support.
❌ Cleaner, less cluttered UI would improve ease of use.

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