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About Library of Realities

The Library of Realities is a growing repository of non-gaming virtual reality experiences, reviewed and categorized. We also promote Virtual Reality as a medium, and aim to help newcomers take their first steps into a new world of discovery. We love VR games too, but those are already well covered by other sources.

Virtual Reality can help us to explore places distant, forbidden and even imagined. Pick up and examine delicate artifacts. Talk with people both familiar and strange. Nothing beats a real life experience, but sometimes distance and opportunity can get in our way, and Virtual Reality can be a great substitute.

Stuart Green is the creator of and sole contributor to Library of Realities. He researches the content, reviews the experiences and writes the articles that you will find on this site. Previously Stuart worked in engineering project management, but hung up his hard hat for a VR headset after thirty years. He is also the author of other websites:

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