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Black Carbon: Abstract VR Art

2-star rating
Art, Free, Uncommon
Comfortable, Stationary

A luminous green tree on a hilly landscape of solid lava. Dark sky.

Black Carbon is a minimalist experience set on a barren black hilly landscape with a single luminous green tree serving as a focal point. As you move toward the tree, it mysteriously repositions itself. The dark landscape and skies are accompanied with an ominous ambient soundtrack. Viewers are left to determine any symbolism from this neverending cat-and-mouse chase, but we view Black Carbon mainly as a technical demonstration from an emerging VR developer.

The controls utilize free movement and a smooth turning option that is far too slow to be practical. Additionally, Black Carbon's visuals suffer from an unusual dark vignette fade positioned between the eyes, which diminishes the overall clarity of the experience. We suspect that the developer intended to place the vignette at the periphery of vision for reasons of comfort but mistakenly placed it in the opposite location. Black Carbon provides little to engage most viewers, and coupled with its technical issues we cannot find much to recommend in this experience.

✅ Stark visuals.
❌ Little to no meaningful content.
❌ Visuals impaired by an apparent misplaced comfort vignette.

• Languages: English
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