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. Person wearing a virtual reality headset

Modern VR headsets are comfortable and easy to use, ready immerse you in worlds both real and imagined. Here are some headsets to get you started in your Virtual Reality adventures. Note that Amazon links earn the Library of Realities a small commission at no cost to you.

For Most People

Meta Quest headsets provide excellent standalone virtual reality experiences at a reasonable price and without the need for any other equipment. They are very easy to use, have a large range of apps for free and to purchase.

Meta Quest 3 headset Meta Quest 3 • $499 from Amazon
Most powerful Quest headset with best visuals and color mixed reality pass-through. The 128MB version is fine for most.
Meta Quest 2 headset Meta Quest 2 • $249 from Amazon
Runs all apps published in 2023 and continuing to sell well in 2024. Meta says Quest 2 will be supported until at least 2025. The 128MB version is fine for most.
Get a $30 Meta Store Credit with this referral link. You will receive a $30 store credit to spend on apps if you use the above Meta Store referral link before activating your new headset. The Library of Realities also receives a similar credit at no cost to you which helps us buy more experiences to review.

For PC Owners

A powerful PC can provide an even better virtual reality experience that includes better visuals and improved performance. Most PC owners will find the Meta Quest 3 to be the best option because it offers both the full Meta Quest app library AND every experience made for Steam VR and Oculus Rift. The catch is that you need some technical know-how to set up a reliable wireless link (we recommend a dedicated router as an access point). There's an alternative option that uses a fast USB cable link, but we don't recommend this unless you're planning for solely seated VR experiences.

Valve Index VR Headset
Valve Index • $999 from Valve's Steam Store
The leading PCVR headset links to PC by cable and is precicely located via two base stations mounted in opposite corners of your permanent VR space. The Index is four years old, but still sells at its original 2019 price tag. There's much speculation about if and when Valve will offer an updated product.

There are other PCVR headsets available but many of these are aging out - such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive products. Other more recent products by Pimax, Varjo, and Bigscreen are available but are likely to appeal most to bleeding-edge VR enthusiasts and special use cases. We mention them here in case you're interested in conducting further research.

For Unlimited Budgets

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro • From $3,400
Apple's expensive new product may have cutting edge graphical capabilities, but without controllers and without a compelling library of experiences, it may take years to become a compelling mass-market product. All we know is Apple's entry into the VR industry will shake things up and hopefully accelerate a whole new generation of products.

For Gamers

Playstation VR2
Sony PlayStation VR2 • $549 from Sony
For most gamers we'd recommend the Meta Quest 3 because of its large library of games, but some will take a shine to the low-latency and high production values of Sony's VR games. Must be connected to a PlayStation 5 console, and only compatible with a small library of VR games. We don't expect this headset to feature the type of content that is covered by the Library of Realities.

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